Why Invest In The Ergoline 1200 Supine Ergometer

An ergometer is a piece of equipment used across the world for numerous practices which are mainly centred around exercise and physical expenditure. Athletes, runners, walkers and sports players alongside those who have never exercised before can use the ergometer to measure a range of different things. At Image Monitoring we have been supplying and providing ergometers for a number of settings.

To help you understand why our ergometers are chosen across Canada for medical and physiotherapist destinations, here are four reasons to choose the Ergoline 1200 Supine ergometer from our selection at Image Monitoring:

  1. 1. Supine application: This is a comfortable way of performing an ergometer test and allows for the patient to be laid in the right position for every test you would like to perform.
  2. 2. Completely adjustable: Every head, leg, arm and seat position can be adjusted and switched to help you make your patient comfortable, no matter their size or shape.
  3. 3. Patient safety paramount: Easy to mount, slip-free pedalboards and the rugged mechanical construction makes it a sturdy ergometer.
  4. 4. Connect to other tests: Electrocardiographs and PC-based ECG systems can be linked and attached to the ergometer to increase the data collection of any test performed on the system.

If you would like to understand more about the Ergoline 1200 Supine ergometer at Image Monitoring, get in contact with us today.

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