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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Recorder

single measurement and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure

Blood Pressure Monitor
Extremely small and lightweight noninvasive, stores up to 300 records. Powered by either two AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Clinically proven oscillometric method of blood pressure measure. Complete reports and summaries are generated using the user-friendly software which runs on any Windows-based PC.
Cuff sizes: small, medium, large, x-large.

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Pulse Wave Analysis

Best Predictor for heart attack & stroke through simple BP measurement. Combining blood pressure and pulse wave measurements is a simple method for recording the injury to or healthiness of the vascular systems and for examining and treating high blood pressure. The combined blood pressure and pulse wave measurement is taken using the known standard examinations using a blood pressure cuff around the upper arm. Scientific knowledge shows that arterial stiffness is more predictive in terms of prognosis than the blood pressure measurement for heart attack and stroke.

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