Three Reasons To Choose Our NATUS Sonara Transcranial Doppler

Diagnosing something as serious as a stroke can help to save lives and catch the symptoms of heart failure before it manifests itself. There aren’t many ways to do this, but clinicians and health professionals are turning to the professional and quality help that our transcranial doppler can offer at Image Monitoring.

A simple and effective addition to any medical practice, our Sonara transcranial doppler will offer you everything you need to examine any patient. The vast array of benefits available to you when you invest in our transcranial doppler must be seen to be believed. Here are three of the most important reasons to choose our transcranial doppler from Image Monitoring:

Diagnosis for strokes and sickle cell disease: Our system will help you to focus on the condition of Your patient. You’ll receive an accurate reading that will show whether there’s a higher risk of strokes or sickle cell disease. This will provide you with all the information you need for an accurate diagnosis.

Monitor during surgery: When embarking on a surgery, you’ll want to monitor how the blood is flowing around your patient. The transcranial doppler allows you to do this.

Early decision for your patient: When preparing to perform a surgery or any routine check on your patient, it’s important you can outline any difficulties. You’ll be able to do that with our transcranial doppler.

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