Three Reasons To Choose Our Holter Recorders At Image Monitoring

Holter recorders have been used across the world for a variety of medicinal uses and have become equally integral for ambulatory services in the aftermath of an event or when called upon for monitoring. Also known as Holter monitors, these devices can ensure that a patient is being tracked and monitored for a deficient heartrate or help to identify the need for a pacemaker.

At Image Monitoring we’re a leading provider of Holter recorders across Canada. Our exceptional reputation in the image monitoring world has made sure that we’re continually chosen by professional medical companies who want professional products that they can trust. Our range of Holter recorders culminates in one of our finest products, the DR200/HE Event and Holter Recorder.

Here are three reasons to choose this Holter recorder/monitor for your company:

1. Small and compact: As the smallest device of its kind on the market, you can be absolutely sure that it will be unobtrusive to the patient and enable them to move forward in comfort.

2. Simple: The ergonomic design and button functionality makes the DR200/HE Event and Holter Recorder effortlessly simple to use.

3. Real-world reliability: This important piece of equipment has been tried and tested across the world and hasn’t lost a smidgen of trust in this time.

To discover more about our range of Holter recorders, make sure you get in contact with us today.