Three Reasons To Choose Our 14-Day Holter

Trusted in hospitals, scanning services and by physicians across the world, holter recorders are a great tool to gather data, track changes and make notes on the condition of a patient. Measuring the cardiac output of an individual over the course of two weeks, you can put your faith in this industry-leading product.

At Image Monitoring we have a 14-day holter recorder that will accommodate to your needs, whatever they are. Here are three reasons to choose our 14-day holter, the DR200HE from Nemon:

1. Smallest product of its kind: This 14-day holter is the smallest on the market. Packing all of its most important features into a small package, you’ll be able to make the most of the power and reliability that comes as standard. Small and in one single unit for ease of use in your operations.

2. Dual purpose: This product combines the features that come as standard with the DR200E and DR200/H so that you have a ‘Tel-A-Heart’ Event recorder and a Holter monitor. Whatever your requirements, you’ll be able to do it with the DR200HE.

3. 14-day capability: Battery-powered holter recorder that can last a full fortnight. You can rely on the low power consumption to keep it going throughout.

If you’d like to discover more about our products at Image Monitoring, get in contact with us today.

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