Superior quality, reliability and Doppler sensitivity are the cornerstones of this noninvasive vascular testing system.

The next generation in physiologic vascular diagnosis comes from the Nicolet Vascular VasoGuard. Superior quality, reliability and Doppler sensitivity are the cornerstones of this noninvasive vascular testing system.

VasoGuard delivers features you will not find elsewhere. Up to 10 channels of simultaneous Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) measurements. VasoGuard delivers the world-renowned Doppler performance you expect from Nicolet Vascular; all integrated into a single main unit to optimize reliability and ease of service.

Our proprietary software makes the VasoGuard easy-to-use, combining intuitive commands with on-screen instructions and an on-line manual. Simply click on the test you need to perform, and you will be coached through the exam. All requested calculations for Doppler spectral waveforms appear on the screen at the touch of a button. Rise time, maximum frequency, maximum velocity, pulsatility index and resistance index are available for the most sophisticated research oriented physician.

Only VasoGuard offers four-channel PPG probes operating simultaneously. Use all four in testing upper or lower digits, or in obtaining all measurements for an Ankle-Brachial index with a single button press. Couple this with our unique VasoGuard Autopick function -- to automatically select the moment when the pulse returns in a pressure study -- and VasoGuard virtually defines effortless testing.

When your studies are completed, VasoGuard offers you a variety of ways to store your data. A large hard drive affords you the luxury of keeping years of patient data at your fingertips. Need additional copies or simple, inexpensive archiving? VasoGuard features a built in CDR/RW drive to quickly store your data onto CD. VasoGuard even has networking capabilities that will allow you to store you data onto a central server. This feature, utilizing our Reader Station software, also allows studies to be accessed, reviewed, interpreted, annotated and printed all from remote locations.

With so many features, it's easy to see why the VasoGuard is the premier physiologic vascular testing system. And with systems built by Nicolet Vascular and supported by VIASYS Healthcare you can rest assured that your are buying a product that is well built and well supported for your piece of mind now and in the future.

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