The Vantage ABI is an innovative system with a cuff-based technology for performing the ankle-brachial index (ABI) exam to assist in the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). The Vantage ABI provides accurate determination of the ABI across the full range of P.A.D. Striving to provide new technologies to better serve the needs of health care providers and patients, Summit Doppler developed the Vantage ABI.

The Vantage ABI has everything needed to conduct fast and accurate ABI exams, including a graphic display with convenient touch-screen to navigate the system, an optional roll-stand with storage basket, a USB memory stick for data transfer and storage, four blood pressure cuffs and specific models have a built-in printer for printing ankle waveforms on adhesive-backed label paper. The Vantage ABI is quick and easy to use. After the cuffs are wrapped and the patient rests, with one touch, the entire ABI exam takes just 3 minutes to complete! Key Features:

  1. LARGE DISPLAY - Convenient touch-screen for navigating the system. Displays patient data, exam information, instructions, and menu options.
  2. USB FLASH DRIVE - A USB memory stick is used for exporting data to a personal computer.
  3. ARM CUFF HOSE CONNECTORS - Plug in the left and right (color-coded) arm hoses to the appropriate hose connector for proper hose-to-arterial cuff site connections.
  4. ANKLE CUFF HOSE CONNECTORS - Plug in the left and right (color-coded) ankle hoses to the appropriate hose connector for proper hose-toarterial cuff site connections.
  5. PRINT & FEED BUTTONS - Press PRINT to print out the ABI indices and waveforms from the built-in printer. PRESS FEED to feed the paper from the built-in printer.

Contact info@imagemonitoring.com or call 1-800-268-0759 for more details