LifeDop™ 300 ABI

Superior quality, reliability and Doppler sensitivity are the cornerstones of this noninvasive vascular testing system.

Summit Doppler Systems offers fast, economical solutions for obtaining the ABI for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.) that meet reimbursement criteria. The LifeDop 300 ABI with 4 Cuffs & Aneroid features a portable bi-directional Doppler with convenient keypad for easily entering pressure data and calculating the indices. The accompanying compact printer rapidly prints two ankle waveforms along with the ABI results. The system includes a hand-held Doppler, printer (waveforms required for reimbursement), 8 MHz bi-directional probe, adhesive-backed label paper, ABI chart, forms, ABI video, examination guide, quick reference guide and ABI glossary, carrying case, 4 blood pressure cuffs and aneroid package.

HandHeld ABI In-Service Video


  • NEW KEYPAD FEATURE for easily entering pressure data and calculating the ABI indices
  • Fast, automated ABI index calculation - ABI results and two ankle waveforms print out on adhesive-backed label paper for easy placement on reimbursement report forms
  • Affordable, ultra-portable Doppler and printer with cable and recharger
  • Automatic scaling and calibration
  • Sensitive, bi-directional probe and hand-held Doppler
  • Dimensions (h w l): 140 x 70 x 35 mm; Weight: 320 grams
  • Full 1 year product warranty

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