Cortex Meta Control 3000 CPET

For cardiopulmonary diagnostics combine spiroergometry and ECG with a wide range of peripherals. The standard scope of delivery includes the spiroergometer METALYZER® 3B or METAMAX® 3B, a custo med 12-channel ECG, the application programmes MetaSoft® Studio and custo diagnostic as well as the rolling cart CORTEX mobile PLUS. Numerous useful additions such as the SpO2 module for measuring oxygen saturation, a PC workstation and the CORTEX bike M are offered as optional equipment. Please refer to the table on the reverse to see the entire scope of delivery and all additional options.

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Cortex Metamax 3B portable CPET


Designed for outdoor performance diagnostics, the new METAMAX® 3B allows maximum wireless ranges of more than 1,000 m. That makes spiroergometry extremely independent and flexible. Therefore you can test your athletes and probands under real training and competition conditions. You get much more significant test results comparing with data collected under labor environments.

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IEM - Blood Pressure

Mobil-O-Graph NG


The most innovative Hypertension Management Concept is available now! 

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Trackmaster Treadmills

Trackmaster TMX428

The Trackmaster® TMX428 heavyduty, medical treadmill is specifically designed to be interfaced with and controlled by a wide variety of Cardiac and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems. Made in America since 1983, Trackmaster® is manufactured under a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001 and complies with worldwide regulatory requirements. Tens of thousands are in daily use.

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Manual Controller 

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ERGOLINE 1200 Supine ergometer

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