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DR200/HE Event and Holter Recorder

24/48/72 hour up to 14 days. The DR200HE combines all of the features of the DR200/e "Tel-a-heart" Event recorder and the DR200/H Holter monitor in one, small, rugged unit.

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Never miss a beat over 14 days on 1 AA battery!

DR200/E Tel-a-heart Event Recorder, 2-lead

The DR200/E "Tel-a-heart" is the first member of the DR200 series of Event Recorders. It is available with several options to fit a broad range of requirements for ambulatory recorders.

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DR181+ Digital Holter Recorder, 3, 5 and 7-lead

The DR181+ in a 3,5 or 7-lead configuration provides a high-quality research and clinical evaluation tool. This system does not use arithmetically derived or reconstructed data from non-standard Holter lead hook-ups

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DR181 Digital Holter Recorder, 12-lead

The DR181 is the latest version of the reliable and popular DR180 series. The DR181 in a12-lead configuration provides a high quality research and clinical evaluation tool. It records
12-lead / 9 channels of data – no short-cuts! Our 12-lead system does not use arithmetically derived or reconstructed data from non-standard Holter lead hook-ups. These short-cut methods may capture accurate data for normal beats, but the picture degrades sharply for virtually all morphologies of interest. The unit can also be used with 5- or 7-lead patient cables for other applications.

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DR181+ OxyHolter, Holter and Oximetry Recorder

The OxyHolter is unique in the industry. It represents a quantum step in your ability to quickly isolate (or correlate) cardiac and pulmonary issues. With synchronized sets of data - one set of cardiac data (standard Holter) and one set of pulmonary data (saturated O2 levels via pulse oximetry) conveniently obtained via the DR181+ and NorthEast's proprietary OxyHolter cable - the system helps to determine the need for further tests and/or root causes of many pathologies.

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Holter LX Remote Software

LX REMOTE is a web-based application used to transfer ambulatory cardiac data from a remote location (often a remote clinic or doctor’s office) to a centralized analysis / service location (often a Scanning Service or doctor’s office with analysis capability). Each Remote User has a dedicated log-in and is associated with an analysis / service location. Data is encrypted on the Remote User’s computer and is decrypted on the analysis / service computer. The web application used to transfer the data between the computers has no ability to decrypt the data. HIPAA COMPLIANT.

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LX Analysis Software

The Holter LX software comes in four levels of functionality: Basic Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, and Pro. Each is tailored to address the varied needs of our diverse user community.

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LX Event Software

Event software offers the most comprehensive and flexible way to handle ECG data from looping event recorders.

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IEM 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Recorder

single measurement and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure

Blood Pressure Monitor
Extremely small and lightweight noninvasive, stores up to 300 records. Powered by either two AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Clinically proven oscillometric method of blood pressure measure. Complete reports and summaries are generated using the user-friendly software which runs on any Windows-based PC.
Cuff sizes: small, medium, large, x-large.

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Pulse Wave Analysis

Best Predictor for heart attack & stroke through simple BP measurement. Combining blood pressure and pulse wave measurements is a simple method for recording the injury to or healthiness of the vascular systems and for examining and treating high blood pressure. The combined blood pressure and pulse wave measurement is taken using the known standard examinations using a blood pressure cuff around the upper arm. Scientific knowledge shows that arterial stiffness is more predictive in terms of prognosis than the blood pressure measurement for heart attack and stroke.

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Norav Medical

PC Based Rest ECG

Comprehensive solutions for Mobile, Table Top or Hand Held ECG

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Wired & Wireless PC Based Stress Test ECG

The flexibility offered by Norav's PC-based digital cardiac stress test system is unparalleled and now includes a wireless ECG option.
The exercise test ECG software meets the specific needs for each user, allowing individuals to control how diagnostic reports are acquired, displayed, measured and printed, according to their particular needs. Most standard pre-programmed and user definable testing protocols are offered, accommodating many different treadmills and bicycle ergometers.

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