Cerebrum is a proprietary workflow solution developed for healthcare professionals to manage busy multi-diagnostic practices. It is a secure, intuitive and modular software program that can be customized to your clinical needs. It represents the most comprehensive workflow solution available today for Canadian healthcare institutions.

Cerebrum Highlights:

  • ASP or local server solutions are available, time tested since 2003, managing over 200,000 patients at present
  • Fully Implemented Cardiology Workflow .
  • Fully implemented for Radiology Workflow, Endocrinology Workflow, and Rheumatology Workflow
  • Workflow specifics configurable by user
  • Decision Enhanced Software - Thinking software to help store and retrieve the right information in an instant
  • Data Mine - every piece of clinical information is stored as discrete data, including encounter notes. - Ideal for clinical research and generation of hypotheses. - Ideal for chart audits for adherence with guidelines.
  • Modular and Scalable Design - The CerebrumTM system design and architecture is scalable, upgradeable and adaptable
  • DICOM Interface - All images are part of EMR, one can review all images Echo, stress echo, cardiolytes, angiograms etc. right from the desktop, while seeing the patient.
  • Allows reporting and viewing of cardiology and radiology images over the web, saving time in the office for the physician
  • Easy-to-Learn - Short training time with an intuitive and easy-to-use Interface
  • Microsoft-based Architecture - Recognized, Stable, Tested, and Effective medical technology platform
  • Reports are auto sent either by fax or by HRM, which deposits the report directly into referring doctor EMR, saving significant time on manual assigning and uploading