ERGOLINE 1200 Supine ergometer

A convenient motor control unit allows exact positioning of the patient. The couch surface can be set to any angle between 0° and 45° - similarly, the bed can be tilted in the same range for the left-lateral decubitus position. The saddle is continuously adjustable so that the position of the upper body and legs with respect to the pedals is always optimal. A drop-down, imaging cut-out provides good access to the area to be examined by ultrasound. The special ergometer can also be equipped with removable leg rests on both sides and thus turns into a full-fledged couch for intermediate examinations or the ideal exercise device for cardiac cath lab examinations.

You can use the ergometer for convenient stand-alone operation with programmable exercise test and training protocols or you connect it to a variety of electrocardiographs or PC-based ECG systems. To meeet the needs of different stress test labs and offices, the control unit may be detached from the ergometer and positioned anywhere in the room. The system can be upgraded with interference- free, automatic blood pressure measurement, a microprocessor-controlled function providing precise measuring values - even at high loads.

Patient safety is given top priority: wide footboards make it easy for patients to mount the ergometer, adjustable padded rests for the head, upper body and pelvis give patients support in any position and the specially developed pedal shoes reliably prevent them from slipping off the pedals. The rugged mechanical construction guarantees outstanding safety and trouble-free operation, even when the ergometer is permanently in use and has to withstand high loads. All ergoline ergometers are produced with only high quality components and, of course, satisfy all applicable standards and requirements for medical grade crank ergometers.

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