Cortex Metamax 3B portable CPET

Designed for outdoor performance diagnostics, the new METAMAX® 3B allows maximum wireless ranges of more than 1,000 m. That makes spiroergometry extremely independent and flexible. Therefore you can test your athletes and probands under real training and competition conditions. You get much more significant test results comparing with data collected under labor environments.
The METAMAX® 3B can be used in nearly every kind of sport due to his low weight and his safe and flexible carrying back or breast wearing system. His technique is designed for the use under extreme environment conditions: For instance the METAMAX® 3B is frequently used at expeditions like the Xtreme Everest expedition in the Himalaya, he was in the outer space for research work at astronauts, in very humid regions like the equator or in dry and high temperature deserts around the globe.

  • Maximum wireless ranges of more than 1,000 m
  • GPS measuring for the identification of velocity and altitude change
  • Applicable for all kind of sport for optional back or breast wearing system
  • Monitoring of heart function with pulse belt, 1- or 3-channel ECG belt
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany by the world market leader in mobile spiroergometry


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