Invest In The Norav Stress Test ECG Machine

Norav Stress Test ECG - Developed to the exceedingly high standards set by Norav, you will love the Wired & Wireless Stress Test ECG. It’s the perfect Stress ECG to add to your clinic, hospital or lab. The medical industry is always looking to innovate, and this extends to individual premises where it is important that the latest products are available for your patients to use. This PC-based digital cardiac stress test system is unparalleled and now includes a wireless ECG option, just ask our friendly staff for more information on the wireless option.

At Image Monitoring we have become a leading supplier of imaging products from the leading brands in the medical industry. One of these brands is Norav who have developed a digital cardio stress test ECG system that records and analyses data for a wide range of individuals.

How can the Norav stress machine be used for the good of your medical premises?

As one of the best products available on the market, you can get the finest and deepest analysis of the results you are searching for. Heart Rate Recovery, the ability to function 16,000 samples each second, a range of export formats and the trends of every piece of data you need, the Norav stress machine is perfectly suited to transform your medical premises instantly. You and your team will not find a better system for your operation.

The treadmill boats the following features:

  • Trackmaster TMX428
  • Built in USA
  • Zero-start
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • Smooth,quiet linear actuator elevation system to 25%
  • Self-calibrating speed & elevation
  • Emergency stop switches

Investing in the future of your company will require finding the latest products which can save you time, provide you with accurate results and boost the reputation of your medical practice.

We can also assist you with any service issues you may have with your Norav Stress Test ECG should you require and repairs or maintenance.

To discover more about how the Norav stress machine can help to do all of this, get in contact with us today.

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