Invest In Our Norav Stress Test ECG - Computer-Based ECG (Electrocardiagram)

To accurate measure cardiology, there needs to be more than just a check of a pulse or the use of a heart rate monitor. Assessments that can provide swathes of information about the true condition of individuals which can be used to compare, contrast and decide on treatments are required. For any medical institution in the 21st century, it is vital that you invest in a Norav Stress Test ECG.

If you are looking to invest in a Norav Stress Test ECG that will develop the best way possible for you to record and analyse each individual that comes through your doors, choose Image Monitoring. To help you make your choice, our team at Image Monitoring can provide you with all the background that you need for our digital and computer-based ECG from Norav. We offer both wired & wireless Norav Stress Test products

Here are three features of the product to tempt you:

1. Maximum samples per second: This machine is able to cope with the depth of measurement that you need with its ability to record 16,000 samples every second.

2. Complete breakdown of heart rate changes: You can discover more about each and every change and alteration. Blood pressure, heart rate recovery, standard stress protocols and oxygen uptake can all be measured.

3. On-screen measurements: Take control of each section of the ECG by checking the on-screen measurements. These will be updated in real time to provide you with everything you need to get accurate results.

To discover more about our computer-based ECG, speak with us today.