Invest In Our Computer-Based ECG (Electrocardiography)

The inner workings of a medical institution are packed full of data, data management and more that help to create a history of reports on patients. This can help not only in the present to understand and to evaluate the changes in something such as cardiology but it also can provide the help and support that is required in the long term.

At Image Monitoring we have become a leading supplier of the latest products across the medical industry with our specialisation in cardiology and monitoring. That’s part of the reason why many organisations come to us when they are looking for a computer-based ECG for their premises.

Upgrading your office with the help of a PC based ECG system

Whether you are working on a mobile, table top or hand held ECG you will be able to connect it to a computer and improve the way that you record and analyse the data you receive. As an important part of any practice that uses an ECG, you will want to make sure that you can translate this to your computer.

This will not only upgrade the way you deal with different clients but allow you to perform research with accurate data which is stored safely on your organisation’s systems.

To find out more about our professional computer-based ECG, get in contact with us today.

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